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About GreatFamilyHolidays

Emma wants to enjoy the beach to make sand castles, Tom loves sports holidays and playing tennis with friends, while Lola who is only 9 months old needs a lot of attention and to be protected from the sun at all times. As for mom and dad, they dream of spending a few moments just the two of them, knowing that their children are in good hands.


But where to find the hotel that meets the expectations of the whole family?

We have often asked ourselves this question and have spent many hours searching the family hotel of our dreams.

That's why we created Greatfamilyholidays.com.


The goal of GreatFamilyHolidays.com is to help you quickly find the perfect hotel or club for your next family vacation.

Our search engine will quickly find your dream hotel based on the destination, type of comfort you select and above all the age of your children. On each of our hotel information you will find detailed information on family facilities offered by the institution and the details of the facilities of children's clubs. We have differentiated the "baby club" (0 to 23 months), mini club (2-3 years), "kids club (4-10 years) and" Teen Club "(over 11 years).

Greatfamilyholidays.com lists all the best hotels worldwide for the entire family with children's club.

Our site is not a travel agency. If you want to book a hotel, we offer direct access to a booking center or to the hotel itself.